Hi, I’m Becca, today I am a real estate investor, property manager, and mama who is super passionate to help families achieve their financial and time freedom goals through real estate.

But I did not start out here…

Back in 2010, my husband Gustavo and I were desperate. He was working 60 hours a week and brought in just enough money (barely) to pay our bills.

I was a stay-at-home mom of our two little girls — and I hated it. Not because I didn’t enjoy time with my kids. I loved being a mom, I just hated being broke, and I felt trapped.

See, before having kids, Gustavo and I weren’t very responsible with our money. Like many young couples, we spent our money foolishly. We didn’t have a budget, we didn’t save, and we racked up credit card debt. Does any of this sound familiar?

Prior to kids we never fought about money because we were both good at making it. That all changed when my oldest daughter was born and we decided that I would stay home. With our income cut in half, we had to go on a serious financial diet. That is exactly what we did. By the time my second daughter was born (in 2010) we had become dogmatic about our budget. We knew down to the penny, how much money came into our house, and how much we spent. We quickly realized that we could survive, but we certainly weren’t thriving.

Going back to a full-time job didn’t feel right because I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my girls. Owning rentals houses seemed like the perfect solution because it could provide monthly income and long-term financial security.

But we had two big problems…

1) We had no money to buy or maintain rental homes

2) We had no idea what we were doing!

To get ahead we started wholesaling and flipping properties and I became a Realtor / Property Manager. Real estate made sense because I could work between naps, early mornings, and late evenings. This brought some much-needed cashflow into our family, but more importantly, I got a front seat view of the right and the wrong ways to manage rental properties.

So, it was with other people’s properties, many years of hard work, and the help of many mentors that I learned how to manage rental properties. I learned that low priced houses may be easy to buy but come with some huge tenant issues. I learned what really matters when viewing a rental application. I learned how to treat tenants with respect and still reach my goals. I learned so much more. Most of all I learned that it does not matter if you are managing 1 or 100 properties, you MUST have solid systems in place, or the properties will steal your joy and your sanity! The income was good, and I was learning more than can ever be found in a book, but I was burning out. I went in search of these systems and structure and was shocked to learn nothing existed to buy. So, at a time of desperation, on the verge of quitting, my husband and I developed all our own systems and streamlined every step of the property management process. I downloaded everything that was in my brain onto easy to follow forms and trackers. We created workflows that could process massive amounts of details with almost no brain energy from me. I went from working 60-70 hours per week to less than 20, and I was managing 100+ houses!

After simplifying how to manage other peoples rentals we kicked buying rentals of our own into high gear.

We did all the methods of buying houses, from flips, to wholesales, seller financing, BRRRR, conventional loans, seller financing, house hacks, you name it, we did it! In just a few short years, we completely changed our family’s financial future.

Today we know that we have rental income that sustains all our family’s needs. We know that we can pay for 3 college educations and 3 weddings. Best of all, we know that with hard work and lots of structure we can retire without stress. In fact, Gustavo (in his late 30’s) was able to leave his corporate job. He is a full-time investor now.

The journey is not over, we continue to grow our portfolio working to increase monthly cash flow, but if we did nothing else other than maintaining our current properties, we would be OK.

Here are 4 things that I believe from the bottom of my heart:

  1. Real estate rocks as a financial vehicle!
  2. Managing rental properties does not have to be hard if you are organized and have a system.
  3. It is my duty to share what I have learned with other Mama’s (and anyone really, but I am a Mama, so I write to my tribe) so that you may have the same benefits we have found in real estate investing.
  4. You can do this! Anybody can do this! You don’t need to become a Realtor or Property Manager.

Today I am a sought-after instructor teaching for the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) on the local, state, and national levels. I travel throughout Florida for the Florida Association of Realtors to teach Realtors and Property Managers how to do better and be better.

But to tell you the truth, my heart is with you – the mom who wants to change the world through play dates, mud pies, and long days of sitting in the bleachers supporting the ones you love. I hope you find this website a resource to take the next step to buy an investment property or to manage it better. I hope to deliver you real actionable resources, make life easier, and help you sleep better at night.

If you want to learn how to buy, own, and manage rental properties without losing your sanity, you have found your tribe, right here, with us Rental Property Mama’s!